Monday, May 2, 2016


everyone loves when someone talking honestly but sometimes they're afraid to be honest to each other and in whatever they doin. but trust me, once u're talkin honest, inshaAllah allah berkat and permudahkan semuanya. im telling this, bcz ada satu kes ni. a relationship between boy and girl la. they've been together for 1 yr and half camtu, not bad lama dia. bila dah lama lama camtu, suddenly relationship dorg like goyang sikit ada problem la.

kira macam long distance punya problem la ni en hehehe, ok ok so bila long distance, macam macam la jadi. i mean the girl ni dah biasa rapat w her boyfriend then once dah jauh, dia hilang kepercayaan tu. even the boy ni tak buat apa pun actually, just perempuan ni je yg risau gila nak mati and wanted someone to convince that her boy tu mmg sayang kat dia sorang je and no one else. so the boy's friend ni dah convince to her, 'mmg yr boyfriend takda perempuan lain dia sayang u sorg dnt worry' but still the girl risau.

then the girl ni pun tanya la her boyfriend and bila jumpa mesti tanya benda yg sama until the guy to like very bengang hahaha dia pun tertengking la kat girlfriend dia. girlfriend dia ni pulak jenis very soft, tak boleh kena marah camtu skali. so gaduh gaduh, the girl pun jumpa and ngadu the problems kat kawan boyfriend dia until subuh, a guy la. so laki ni taktau la jenis apa, macam macam jenis ada kot. dah tau perempuan tu girlfriend kawan baik kau, boleh pulak eh take advantage on her. peluk and all, yes mmg time camtu perempuan needs someone to calm her. but still u have to remind yrself to stay behave, she already have someone, and its yr own bestfriend. fikir la hohoho ;pp

pastu bila the girl ni dah okkk sikit, dia rasa bersalah dgn boyfriend dia. sbb tak angkat calls fr one day semata mata cari that guy untuk ngadu everything. and then, dia pun jumpa and mintak maaf kat boyfriend dia. then when the boy asking her where she has been? sampai tak jawab call and all. the girl pun cerita everything totally honest, what had happened and all la kan. mesti la dia takut the guy cannot accept the fact kan? but still i salute her, cz of her honesty, dia still nak bgtau yg jujur even she knows her fault by doing that behind his back.

and until now, i observed, they are still in the relationship alhamdulillah they look very happy. that is what we call the love. where they can accept the flaws of each other, stay loyal no matter whats happening, and together betulkan mana yg salah. tu baru namanya matang tau, matang kkkk hehehe. im happy fr u two lovebirds!

p/s : try to be honest in everything what u do. try try try dnt be afraid guys

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