Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Old friend -Naqibatul Nasuha-

Darjah 4 dulu, kite same class tuition. Then, U ever said to me that "Farra, awk kwn terbaik sy. We're bestfriend forever." Okay then, darjah 5 kite dah tak tuition yg same. It's quite while we haven't meet. I tried to find U in FB, I'm done yaww! HAHA, in the same time I'm felt something was enjoyable in my life. *whooooooooooo HAHA. I miss you babe! *yg tramat rindukan kau. HOHO, now kau sch dkt sekolah seni Johor. Jauh wehh, HAHA. Nvm, dah balik nanti kite jumpe okay? *wink wink

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