Friday, September 3, 2010

Shasha/Sofea Sharifuddin is the BEST COUSIN ♥

I love you Sha. It's the first time I met you, yesterday. Lately, we never meet each other. I really miss you :( Ever since, you ever said to me "You're snobbish!" and I just laughing. HAHA, no lah Shasha. I never be snobbish to you who is the person that I loves in Madzlan's family :D I'm felt pity when I'm looked at your face, yesterday. It makes me sad sayang :'( I misss youu Sha, I love you more Shasha :(

p/s : Get well soon Sha, I know that you are a strong girl! Mmuuaahhh <3 I'm here for you.

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