Monday, April 25, 2016


ok lets start. i really dnt understand why w myself, what's really going on. aku tak faham. but the thing is i cannot be happy like i have been before, which is always be positive no matter what. but now? entah there's like something goes wrong. i just really need someone to talk to. i need a friend, atleast one friend that can listen to my sadness. sumpah im being so down lately, that's why i need my family so much. tu sbb aku slalu ulang alik seremban-shah alam and try to not ponteng the classes. even aku dpt kolej and boleh je stay kolej. tp kau takkan faham apa yg aku rasa. you will never know

kau tau sbb apa? sbb kau ramai kawan, tak sama cam aku. susah betul jd perempuan ni, nak cari kawan pun nak kena tgk tgk dulu. so you cannot just simply ckp 'gedik la nak ulang alik, lebih baik tak payah dpt kolej' omggg -.- cuba kau jadi cam aku, yg masuk kelas je rasa hambar balik bilik rasa hambar. kau boring tak? ada semangat tak nak buat anything? ofcourse you will answer 'no'. so pls stop judging.

penat la, penat nak fikir tu ni semua.

p/s : He really knows everything whats inside and out.

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