Thursday, April 28, 2016

Define frustrated anyone?

anyway, can i just talk abt someone? okkk lets start, i have this one friend. she's so in love w one guy and yes they used to be together. i dnt know how much his love towards the girl until he kept on promising everything very seriously.

but the sure thing is, the girl had been soooo in love w the guy. and wanted to make him as her last one.

suddenly, after few months, everything has changed where the boy always busy and dnt have time fr his girl. and normally, perempuan lah kan? suka overthinking, even aku rasa aku ni tak pun macam perempuan lain yg overthinking. no, sama je actually. ok so, the girl try to text him and asking where u have been? what are u up to?  busy? and bla bla bla la kan, then the boy ni pulak pandai betul nak jaga hati. dnt worry im here just got something to do, i love u and all la kan. sweet talker sangat wey hahaha ;ppp

and then, kalau aku jadi perempuan tu, i have that strong instinct yg ckp nooo maybe there's something wrong w him, before this busy je tapi still have time to spend w. atleast la one text. okkk sambung, so perempuan ni cam bongok je tunggu tunggu.

last, dia taktahan and tegur la 'can u tell me whats really happening rn? honestly.' and the guy still try to avoid, pastu perempuan ni pulak tembak la lg hahaha cam machine gun kaan xd okk at last the guy says 'if i tell u, u wont be fine.' masalahnya kalau kau tak cakap, aku rasa perempuan tu lg gila nak fikir kenapa and all?????????????? bongok jugak kau ni hahahaha

and the answer he gave to my friend is 'im sorry, i feel guilty, i just not ready yet to have a serious relationship w u. i ada banyak kawan perempuan, i taknak dorg kata i sombong.' WHAT THE HE** hahahaha lawak laaa, but sumpah sangat la childish. u chose to jaga hati perempuan tu semua than perempuan yg kau bajet nak serious siap janji semua ni? camtu? okkkk la kalau camtu.

and after that, the girl pun suddenly felt down, taktau lah down banyak mana sampai menyepikan diri hahaha no updates on twitter and insta. is that call frustrated?

p/s : think and answer okkk guys? :*

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