Saturday, October 23, 2010

Anniversary :)

Alhamdulillah, settle jugak anniversary pa & ma :) Tu pun puas aku and family secret kan, dlm masa 1 week. HOHO, it is enjoyable! Thanks a lot to family and friends :) Yg telah wish kepada ma & pa, i love u more :P HAHA, to Ama & Armi *Hari ni first anniversary korg kan? Congratulations kay, Happy Anniversary. Hope korg kekal :) Korg kwn trhebat aku ;) Korg punye pict ada dkt dlm hp aku, nak aku upload dkt sini? HAHA, sorry guys. Aku never buat keje bodoh tu kay? Aku janji :P Btw, happy always and loyal in Ur relationship. It can makes Ur relationship stay forever till die :) ILY NorAmaleena Bt. Firdaus Lee, mmuuuaahh!

P/S : Kau jgn nakal dgn Ama aw, Mi :P

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