Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Birthday pa :)

Yeah, we dont have any present to give you, pa. But, we did a great birthday card. It is for you, keep it nicely. We love you, please be a kind dad and husband for us and mama. Jaga hati mama :) Dont forget Allah that always giving us many things, appreciate it. You're our hero in the family. Jgn banyak marah tau, nanti tua :) Now, you are 37 years old, you are old but look younger :p Bodek wey, haha. Okay pa, even birthday papa 24th July 2011, but kakak nak wish awal dlm blog ni. Nanti dah tak dpt nak update. Going back to Paroi, papa jgn risau lah okay? Sure ada hadiahnya, means my result. Yeah, I will do it my best. Kakak takkan sia siakan masa untuk study and terus study.


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